About us

Merced Organics is dedicated to bettering the health and well being of our community.

The drive behind and fruition of this idea are coming together with OUR people in OUR community.

The need for a place Sort Code 400002 like Merced Organics came to our attention after seeing that many of our friends, family and fellow community members had very specific needs that weren't being met. They had these needs due to special diets, diseases and disorders. Merced Organics will strive to meet those needs. We are bringing to Merced something it currently lacks - Special Diet Foods. This means we will carry Gluten free, Wheat Free, Soy Free and Meat Free options as well as a large variety of other allergen free alternatives.

At Merced Organics our goal is to create a relaxing environment. One that is well suited for learning or sipping tea. A place for conversation. A place for community. A place for the betterment of us all. Being dedicated to the community means ALL of its members, ESPECIALLY the children. Please check out the “Merced Healthy Kids Program” to find out more about the non-profit we are hosting right inside our store!

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