In keeping with our dedication to make our community a happier and healthier one, we will be offering the following classes free of charge:

Health Seminars: These will be general health seminars and talks that provide information on how to improve our eating habits and how to make healthier choices. Supplements will be discussed and recommended on an individual basis.

Specific Health Seminars: These will be discussions on specific health issues and how to either treat or aid in treatment of those issues through changes in diet.

Topics will include:

- Diabetes
- Digestive issues
- Colon Health
- Health and many more

Weight Management for Kids and Teens: These classes will include easy and fun ways to change a child's diet and encourage life- long healthy choices and weights. They will include exercise suggestions, dinner and lunch on the go options, and fun recipes.

Weight Management for Adults: Because an adult’s metabolism is vastly different than a child's, it is important for us to learn to eat right in order to better our health. Adult weight classes will be geared toward and made convenient for the busy lifestyles we all lead.